Merchant Services Agent

We Love Doing Business With Highly Ethical People And Highly Ethical People And Their Companies Love Doing Business With Us

We are called "The Merchant's Advocate"

Because we specialize in helping businesses avoid the mistakes we made ourselves as a merchant who started to accept credit cards as payment back in 1994.

From day one we have been pioneers in the merchant credit card processing business.

We have always negotiated the "No Early Termination Fee/No Equipment Lease Merchant Contracts" for our merchant customers and only offered transparent pricing.

The Four Merchant Credit Card Processing Cornerstones Of Integrity

  1. No ETF "Early Termination Fee" Merchant Contracts Negotiated For All Merchants
  2. No Equipment Leases "Our Never Lease Equipment" Business Ethic
  3. No Undisclosed Fees, No Hidden Fees And No Unnecessary Fees, No Tiered Rate Pricing
  4. Using Only Transparent Merchant Pricing, Interchange Plus & Flate Rate

We Specialize In The Following Merchant Services And Tools

Transparent Credit Card Processing Rates with North American Bancard, PayAnyWhere

Interchange Plus Merchant Pricing & Flate Rate Pricing

Note: We Do Not Offer Merchants Tiered Rate Pricing

Mobile Credit Card Processing with "PayAnywhere"

Smartphone Credit Card Processing

Tablet Credit Card Processing

Virtual Terminal Processing Using Your Computer with "NAB Velocity Virtual Terminal"

Virtual Terminal - Recurring Payment Processing

Virtual Terminal - "MOTO" Mail Order and Telephone Order Processing

Virtual Terminal - Email Invoicing

Point Of Sale Processing

Smartphones and Tablets

Virtual Terminals with PC or Laptop

Credit/Debit Card Terminals

Websites For Merchants

Informational Merchant Websites (Like This Website)

Created With And Hosted By "Google Sites"

Additional Merchant Services Including:

Youtube And Facebook Video Editing And Merchant Social Media Posting