Christian Credit Card Processing

It Is Important For The Merchant To Understand That The Credit Card Processing Agency And The Representative Do Business With The Highest Principals Of Integrity. Being A Christian Owned Merchant Credit Card Processing Agency Is Something We Take Very Seriously.

1. Integrity, This means always doing what is right. The organization with integrity will make its business decisions based on the standards and principles of God with truth and honesty.

2. No high pressure sales, we add new customers through referrals and network marketing.

3. Commitment to excellence, If an organization is to be recognized as an exemplary one, one whose goal is to glorify God through its commitment to excellence in its service and product, it must always honor God and be thoroughly aware of its role and mission in the world. Such an organization never forgets that God has called them to be His witness to the world in which they do business.

4. A portion of our profits will only support charitable organizations that follow Christian moral principals. We support this Christian charitable organization on a monthly basis "Sharing Life Community Outreach". To find out more information about this organization see

Our core merchant credit card processing principals

1. We believe that the merchant's needs and interest are always our first priority.

2. We believe that the most transparent and cost effective credit card processing plan for the merchant who is processing over $4,000.00 a month is the "Interchange Plus" plan sometimes referred to as the interchange pass-through or true pricing plan. For smaller merchants or the merchant who accepts the occasional credit card from a customer using their phone or iPad the "Flat Rate" plan, with no other monthly charges or fees, can be a cost effective merchant credit card processing plan. This is a negotiable item of the merchant services contract.

3. We believe that it is not in the best interest of the merchant to sign a long term merchant credit card processing contract with early cancellation fees. The month to month merchant credit card processing plan is how you want to be treated as a merchant. This is a negotiable item of the merchant services contract.

4. We believe that it is not in the best interest of the merchant to sign a long term lease for credit card processing equipment with early cancellation fees. This is a negotiable item of the merchant services contract.

5. We believe there should never be any hidden fees, surprise fees or undisclosed fees in a merchant credit card processing plan. We call that the "Sin of Omission" in the credit card processing industry and we believe that is never acceptable. A merchant should always receive the schedule A form which is a full disclosure form for all regular fees and rates, monthly fees, per occurrence fees, miscellaneous fees and any annual fees. A full disclosure of all possible rates and fees is required by card association rules.

Mission Statement

We Are Committed To The Business Principle Of Applying The Golden Rule "Treat Others In Business As You Want To Be Treated In Business".

We Will Always Find The Solutions That Are In The Merchants Best Interest.

We Will Only Represent Merchant Credit Card Processing Companies That Are Built On Quality, Integrity and Transparency.

We Are Helping Fellow Merchants Avoid The Mistakes We Made When We Began To Accept Credit Cards For Our Customers Convenience.

We Love Doing Business With Highly Ethical People And Highly Ethical People Love Doing Business With Us.