Paperless Merchant Applications

Post date: Mar 12, 2014 9:21:04 PM

Merchant credit card processing companies have developed online and click here I agree applications for new merchant credit card processing accounts and I think this helps the industry in these ways.

1. Takes high pressure selling out of the picture as the new prospective merchants are on their computer or receiving an email application to sign up.

2. The schedule A form to disclose all possible and regular rates/fees are emailed or sent as part of the new application to explain what the cost of processing.

3. Representatives are not carrying around paper copies of the new merchant applications with sensitive information and numbers that could be stolen or lost and wind up in the wrong hands.

4. It makes the new application process faster with built in checks and balances that a written merchant application could never have.

Less sales pressure, full disclosure, higher merchant information security, faster service with written mistakes eliminated is all apart of the merchant credit card processing industry making improvements.


Rickey E. Wright

Cabrera Wright Company