Letter To Fellow Merchants

Hello Fellow Merchant,

I am R.E. Wright and I love doing business with highly ethical people and highly ethical people and their companies love doing business with me.

We are a merchant credit card processing representative agency that specializes in helping fellow merchants avoid the mistakes we made as a manufacturer's representative agency (Cabrera Wright Company) that began accepting credit cards for our customer's convenience in 1994.

Here is the secret every merchant should know about credit card processing."Many Important features of merchant credit card processing are negotiable."

You do not have sign a merchant credit card processing contract with costly ETF "Early Termination Fees." Our merchants always have their merchant contracts negotiated without these ETF Fees.

A merchant should have the option to choose the wholesale pass-through "Interchange Plus" or the "Flat Rate" merchant processing plans instead of the highly confusing "Tiered" merchant processing plan with those Qualified, Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified tiered rates.

Merchants should always have a clear schedule A for all normal and possible rates and fees. Hidden fees or undisclosed fees are never acceptable and we will not represent any merchant credit card processor who operates this way.

It is not in the best interest of the merchant to lease credit card terminals or any other merchant credit card processing equipment when there is an irrevocable equipment lease agreement, renting and leasing are two different things.

As a merchant have you ever said, this credit card processing is more confusing and more expensive that it needs to be. We know exactly what you are talking about. If you are looking for a credit card processing representative who gives you straight answers and works with highly ethical credit card processing companies then your search is over.

Important Questions For Merchants Concerning Credit Card Processing:

What is my "Real Effective Rate" for merchant credit card processing?

The way to determine this is divide the TOTAL rates/fees by the amount of charges processed for the month.

Does my monthly statement have mid-qualified and non-qualified surcharges?

If so then you may be paying too much, this is a tiered rate pricing plan, check your "Real Effective Rate".

What is a "bill back" merchant credit card processing plan?

Another surcharged tired type merchant account.

What is an interchange plus merchant credit card processing plan?

The merchant pays the wholesale interchange rates and fees plus a percentage markup and transaction fee.

Does my monthly statement have both PCI compliant fees and PCI Non-compliance fees?

Charging PCI Compliant Fees is normal, but if you are charged for both something is wrong.

What about other fees or hidden fees?

The schedule A is the declaration of all normal and possible rates and fees, always ask to see it.

What about merchant account Early Termination or Early Cancellation Fees and penalties?

You do not have to pay ETF "Early Termination Fees" with a merchant contract, it is negotiable.

What about credit card terminals, pin-pads, check readers, smart phone applications?

Your choice to buy or rent but never to lease because of the irrevocable lease agreement and ETF Fee.

What about virtual terminals using your laptop or PC for merchant credit card processing?

A very popular choice for office environments, mail or phone orders, website sales and recurring billing.

What about free terminals, tablets and card readers for merchant credit card processing?

An option only if you see the schedule A for all normal and possible charges and the ETF Fee is waived.


R.E. Wright


A Division Of The Cabrera Wright Company