Terminal Options

The way a merchant accepts credit/debit cards as payment is changing:

Businesses are using the mobile processing solution using a smart phone or tablet.

Businesses are using an online virtual terminal for processing traditional card present and card not present transactions like recurring auto-pay/email invoicing/mail and phone orders/setting up secure host web payment pages. All this using their laptop or PC/computer. Depending on the merchant it could be they utilize just one of these options or a combination.

And there is always the merchant who just needs the traditional terminal credit/debit card processing solution.

PhoneSwipe Mobile Processing, North American Bancard Velocity Virtual Terminal Processing and Traditional Terminal Processing:

PayAnyWhere Smart Phone & Tablet Processing

Option # 1A - PhoneSwipe/PayAnyWhere enables merchants doing merchant credit card processing using the transparent Flate Rate merchant processing plan on a pay as you go basis while using their smartphone or tablet.

Option # 1B - PhoneSwipe/PayAnyWhere enables merchants doing merchant credit card processing using the transparent Interchange Plus merchant processing plan when they are accepting credit cards on a regular basis while using their smartphone or tablet.

North American Bancard - Velocity Virtual Terminal

Option #2 - NAB Velocity's Virtual Terminal enables merchants to accept swiped, keyed and EMV credit card transactions, while performing a variety of other payment management functions, all without a traditional point-of-sale terminal.

Note: for more information email rickey.wright@cabrerawright.com and for an emailed "click I agree" merchant application.

Option # 3 - Using Your Laptop or Desk Top Computer as a "Virtual Terminal" for "Card Not Present" Transactions Including:

* Email Invoicing

* Recurring Auto-Pay Payments

* (MOTO) Mail and/or Telephone Orders Processing

* Secure Hosting Payment Pages For Web Sites

When you need to collect payments from your customers at established intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), This recurring or auto-pay payment program is ideal. Your customers won't have to worry about paying memberships, rent and other bills on time, and you spend less time doing manual billing and invoicing. Email invoicing is another time-saving tool for merchants and the customers sometimes prefer this method over any other payment processing method. Our program accepts a wide range of payment options, including major credit cards such as Visa® or MasterCard® and ACH (direct debit). Set your own billing cycles and reconcile your records easily through our user-friendly website.

Credit Card Terminals

Option # 4 - Using Traditional Stand Alone Equipment

Reliable payment processing begins with your equipment. Our registered processors are certified with and supports a wide range of point of sale equipment, including from industry-leading payment terminal manufacturers like Ingenico and VeriFone.

Optional Accessories

Offering a wide selection of equipment peripherals to improve your customers’ payment experiences:

  • Check Readers: Accept checks more easily and securely by adding a check reader to your payment terminal. Reduce the possibility of accepting bad or fake checks.
  • Check Imagers: Convert paper checks into an electronic payment, which can result in faster settlement. Since the check is handed back to the customer after it’s scanned, you no longer need to manually count paper checks at the end of each shift.
  • PIN Pads: Give your customers greater security with PIN-secured debit transactions, and reduce your risk of fraud.
  • RFID Readers: Speed up transactions with the latest in payment technology with industry-leading OTI Saturn 5000 or VIVOPay 4000 RFID card readers.
  • Printers: Reduce processing costs by adding an optional printer to your equipment, such as our Virtual Terminal. Signed, printed receipts can help in the event of a chargeback or fraud.

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