Instant Accept


Instant Accept is a QuickBooks native integration that allows a merchant to choose their own processor when processing transactions. Instant Accept doesn’t even require QuickBooks to be open. The merchant simply starts the application and begins processing payments, creates a customer, opens an invoice, emails invoices, or in other words does everything they can do in QuickBooks from any location where they can access their Instant Accept account through the internet, allowing them to manage everything from one integrated user interface. Many merchants must manage payments from diverse sources like web sites, mobile applications and other devices, and there is a need for a single, intuitive application that lets them assign open invoices or sales receipts easily. Our Gateway Sync function allows merchants to assign payments to open invoices or to sales receipts in need of completion. The merchant can easily create a new customer, a new job, a new invoice or a sales receipt for fast importing into QuickBooks. Through Instant Accept, the merchant can:

  • Accept multiple payment types.
  • Handle payments from multiple store locations, websites, and mobile devices.
  • Updates and records transactions within QuickBooks in real-time.
  • Receive recurring and scheduled payments.
  • Collect and manages customer data, cardholder data, invoices, sales receipts, and payments from a single interface.
  • Enable any transaction run through any POS application (Terminal, Web Site, Mobile, etc) to be synced back into accounting application.
  • Allow customers to pay invoices directly via email.
  • Meet PCI-DSS and SAS 70 compliance standards.

Key Product Features

  • PCI-DSS and SAS 70 compliance
  • Accepts credit card, PIN debit, signature debit, ACH, Check 21 and eCheck transactions
  • Gateway Sync
  • E-mail Invoice option grants customers the ability to pay invoices directly through e-mail
  • Streamline accepting payments through a single integrated user interface
  • Split Payments feature allows one payment to be divided into multiple billings
  • Easy to install and use – from any device, on to any device at any location
  • Protect core financial and customer data
  • Inexpensive to use


  • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) – 2006 & up
  • QuickBooks POS - Version 10 & up
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Seamless Two-Way QuickBooks Data Exchange with Instant Accept
  • Do you ever find yourself asking… Isn’t there an easier way to set up a customer record or create an invoice or sales receipt for each transaction in QuickBooks®? Or why can’t I access the customer and invoice data in QuickBooks from my point of sale? Or how do I know my customer and business data are secure from unauthorized access in QuickBooks®?
    • InstantAccept™ gives you immediate access to complete customer and transaction information without launching QuickBooks®, including:
    • All product and service information including item numbers, descriptions, quantities, and pricing rates for each
    • Every customer’s invoices and sales receipts
    • Every customer’s billing and shipping information
    • Your entire QuickBooks® company file

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