Interchange Plus

The Original Transparent Merchant Credit Card Processing

The Interchange fees are an important factor in determining the actual cost of accepting credit cards. these Interchange rates are what the Visa and MasterCard associations along with credit card issuing banks charge merchant account providers to process credit and debit card transactions. Merchant Account providers then charge a markup on interchange known as interchange plus pricing to process the transaction and provide customer service to the merchant accepting the credit or debit card payment. Interchange Plus pricing is the original transparent form of pricing for merchants looking to accept credit cards and debit cards as payment for their products and services.

Transparency Is Open To All Merchants Who Use The "Interchange Plus" , "Flat Rate" or "Edge" (Next Generation Cash Discount) Pricing For Credit Card and Debit Card Payment Processing Plans. And always remember that Tiered Pricing is not and has never been Transparent!

Here Are The Published Wholesale Credit Card Processing Rates That Are Passed Through To All Merchants By Visa and MasterCard. Visa Interchange Rates And Fees Mastercard Interchange Rates And Fees

Is The Interchange Plus The Merchant Credit Card Processing The Plan For You? Then Sign Up Online At The Link Below!

Online Sign Up For The Interchange Plus 10/10 link by North American Bancard - 10 Basis Points added to The Wholesale Interchange Rates and $.0.10 per Transactions. Also including countertop terminal with debit pin pad with $5.00 monthly service fee and $25.00 minimum processing, No early termination fees, No set up fees, No annual fees and the PCI Compliance Fee is billed on a monthly basis ($7.95) so there is never a annual surprise on your monthly statement.

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